Published on 16 December 2013

As I was cleaning up my desktop this morning, waiting for some program to install work work, I ran across a document I made a couple of days after Thanksgiving, titled things done. This was it:

  • Updated UKLO website
  • Wrote redacted about her article.
  • Wrote David redacted
  • Got some new albums
  • i Wrote Pete about about page
  • i Wrote Gergo about video icon and deployment
  • Emailed David again
  • Archived Currents Against Us
  • Talked to Aunt Theresa, went on a walk with Uncle Tom
  • Decided to make an Angular-Github-Pages repository that will run on Jekyll
  • Took a long walk with Uncle Tom
  • Said hi to Jordan
  • Sat in a coffee house

What a day that must have been, most notably for the two separate walks. Why am I posting this? Because this list shows a desire I have to chronicle my days, to make an account of them, to be able to check off things as I do them (even if they weren’t on a checklist before). This is one of the reasons I spent around 5 hours fighting databases to try and get Lean working yesterday, which was ultimately a failure. That is more of a to do list program - and the past few months have taught me that my best days as far as productivity goes are days I use a pen and a paper, in an old fashioned list.

How do you keep a list of what you do each day? How do you organise your tasks having been done?