Published on 21 February 2019

I haven’t used this blog in a while, but I want to do so again, for a couple of reasons:

  • I don’t like the old journal system I had set up. It leads to me not knowing where is what.
  • I don’t want to split attention across dozens of journals for my readers, either.
  • I don’t think that having a coherent blog is as important as it is. I think that posts are more interesting. I don’t go to websites anymore - I get newsletters. So, I’d rather write posts, put them somewhere, and then send a newsletter. It makes more sense, to me, than trying to curate a nice blog.
  • I don’t want my content to be stuck in a newsletter, either, or on a WordPress site. Using a blog as a repository fixes that.

So! This will be the blog, psot-dump, journal, common book, whatever you want to call it. Let’s get to making it, now.

So - here is a new post. Where does it go? Ok, rake post creates a new post at Interesting. And the Archive page appears to be the listing. Let’s copy archive.html to blog.html and reset the links in the footer, and just use this format. It seems to work.

There. Done that. And:

  • Added some information to the top of the blog page, and linked to my tinyletters.
  • Gone through and added tags to old blog posts that didn’t have them, and deleted at least one empty post.
  • Decided against deleting or excising my blogs from before 2015. Let my past stand as it is.
  • Edited this post.

I’m not going to add a link on the front page, for now. Perhaps at some other time. For the open source work, I’ll make a post on Medium to showcase what I am doing; I don’t think it needs a permanent home, yet. For larger announcements, I’ve always found that Medium works fine. Hell, Twitter works fine - just link to a post elsewhere. This place should do, too. People can just link to my post here (why use Medium at all?).


Alright. We’re good to start blogging again. Excellent. And now, let’s go to bed, it’s almost 5:00am.