These Be Links



I like a lot of comics. The best is Calvin and Hobbes. The worst will probably remain Zippy. The web provides everything in between. Here are links to the comics online I like...

Cool Comic:
Dean's Comic --- Which I also, incidentally, host

The Best Webcomics:
Buttercup Festival --- If you only read one comic online...
Three Panel Soul --- A continuation of Mac Hall
Cat and Girl --- Reminds me of America
Questionable Content --- Also does
A Softer World --- Beautiful photographic triptychs.
XKCD --- Apparently the science version of my comic
Megatokyo --- The best american manga on the net
Diesel Sweeties --- pixel art = awesome
Patches --- So cute.

And Also:
Over-Compensating --- Rather good. Continuation of Wigu.
Applegeeks --- If you like Macs or Mac Hall art...
Rob and Elliot --- Genuinely solid.
Letters to a Wild Boar, --- Beautiful art.
A Lesson is Learned --- Brilliant. Now on (permanent?) Hiatus
Mac Hall --- One of my favourite comics, now turned into Three Panel Soul (Look up)
Ink Tank --- Used to be a brilliant comic, then was a blog, and is now returned.
Thom May --- Some of the best doodles I've seen. Ever.
Exploding Dog --- Reminds me of Moby for some reason...
Wayward Robot --- My friend's comic. Probably better than mine.


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