Published on 09 September 2023

I have added a few items to my publications list recently, and I wanted to add them here, too. None of them are peer-reviewed publications, but I thought each merited note there as they represent current work.

Book Contributions

I have contributed to these publications, and am listed as a contributor:

The NAS is a congressionally chartered organization that serves as the collective scientific national academy of the United States, according to Wikipedia. I am thrilled that I was able to collaborate on one of their publications, as it may have an influence on future policy regarding open source software.


Recently, I also facilitated a panel at an ACM conference on open source.

This panel was on reproducibility at CROSS, the Center for Research in Open Source Software at UC Santa Cruz, who have been long-time collaborators with me in OSPO++ and elsewhere. The ACM is the world’s largest scientific and educational computing society - and to have even a small role in it was excellent.


Last August I presented a poster at AFO, the Association of Field Ornithologists. This is a different field entirely than open source, but birds are something I care passionately about, and I was excited to dip my toes into the water of ornithological research. While working on a list of subspecies of birds in the Northeast for a book I am slowly working on, I found a term in the literature that I thought could be updated, as our language has changed since the 60s and it is now considered racist. Short of making a full paper, I figured a poster was also citable by others and can be used to update the term in the wider literature.

You can check out the poster about Bewick’s Swans by clicking on the link above.

I have some more publications in the works, of course, but these are just three things that I have done recently that I thought were of note.