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By the monicre ‘Taronyu’, I created the definitive Na’vi dictionary for the fan community. Na’vi is the language invented by Paul Frommer for the movie Avatar. I became interested it soon after the movie came out, and landed at LearnNavi.org, a community of around 5000 regular users at the time. There wasn’t a good dictionary at the time, so I built one. It has since expanded to over 60 pages, and been translated into over a dozen languages, including Na’vi (for a Na’vi-only dictionary April Fool’s Joke by me and a few friends). I still technically function as the administrator of the largest Na’vi site in the world, although I stepped away from maintaining the dictionary a couple of years after starting it.

And no, those Google images from the Sun are never going away.


  • Nautilus: Cracking Avatar’s Language Codes.
  • io9: Chat Up Na’vi Hotties With Free Avatar Dictionary
  • The Sun: Avatar fan speaks film lingo Na’vi. Note: Basically every single word in this story is blatantly untrue. I put this here because it’s definitely the most viral of the news articles…

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