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The User Is Drunk is a UX/UI consultancy website, with a twist: I review sites while under the influence of alcohol. The site went viral: it hit the top of Hacker News, gathered 100k hits in the first week, and generated over 50+ clients, including some major companies like Hubspot, Gizmodo, and VWO.

I wrote a retrospective on Medium that got over 100 recommends: The User Has Sobered Up, and this post on Shopify’s blog about some tips concerning UX.


  • Gizmodo: I Paid a UX Expert $100 to Get Drunk and Evaluate Gizmodo’s Design.
  • Here’s Why It’s Important to Design Like the User is Drunk.
  • Fastcodesign: Reviewing UX Designs While Drunk Makes Way More Sense Than You Think.
  • Hubspot: This Guy Got Drunk and Critiqued Our Website. Here’s What He Had to Say.
  • Austin Knight (Hubspot): UX insights from a drunk guy.
  • PULS: Betrunkener Homepagetester.
  • VWO: Beer, Tequila and the World’s Easiest A/B Testing Tool: Drunk Review of VWO.
  • EConsultancy:The Virtues of User Testing Under the Influence.
  • TFMAInsights: What Users Do Drunk: Taking a Squiffy Look at Your Website

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