The User Is My Mom

UX Consultancy

Cofounder Ongoing

Collaborators: Scotty Allen, Pam Allen

The User Is My Mom is a follow-up product to The User is Drunk, where my friend Scotty Allen’s mom, Pam Allen, reviewed sites while we guided her through them. The idea was that an older person, who hadn’t grown up with the internet, would have different opinions about good UX than most current designers or focus groups.

While not as successful as The User Is Drunk, it did fairly well, and got a good deal of press and some dozen or so clients, before we closed off the pay-whenever-you-want service and moved it to a contract consultancy service. It has 50k~ page views, and also hit the top of Hacker News.


  • Motherboard (Vice): For $75, a Real-Life Mom Will Critique Your Website Design.
  • TheNextWeb: This mom will review your website for $75.
  • UTest: When it Comes to Usability Testing, Mom Knows Best.
  • Wired: Scotty Allen’s Mom Will Judge Your Website.
  • CNBC: This mom gets paid to review websites.

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