Student Association

Cofounder 2010-2011

Collaborators: David Arnold (cofounder), and the Edinburgh University Linguistics Society

While a student at Edinburgh University, getting my degree in Linguistics, I realised that there was no easy way to talk to other Linguistics Departments across the UK, or for students to get hands-on experience presenting their research in front of audiences, something they would be expected to do well at a graduate and post-graduate level. My friend David Arnold and I set about founding ULAB, the Undergraduate Linguistics Association of Britain. We received a lot of help from members of the Edinburgh University Linguistics Society (LangSoc), of which I was the president and founder (it had broken up a few years before I came to University).

We ran our first ULAB conference in Edinburgh that year, with over 50 students, traveling from a half-dozen different universities around the UK. Now, I am happy to say it is still going, with an annual conference every year, and has helped hundreds of students learn about academia and linguistics.

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