Of Walking in Snow


Film-maker Postponed

“Of Walking In Snow” was a forthcoming feature-length film about my walk from Boston to Truro, Massachusetts. To quote the website:

In February, Richard plans to walk from Boston to the end of Cape Cod, where his father lives. He will walk the 100 miles alone, in the snow. He is going in order to visit his father; to learn about the winter; to recreate Werner Herzog’s walk from Munich to Paris in 1974; to see if digital nomadism is something that can be done on foot; to walk.

Every day, he will stop into cafes for a few hours to work and blog, answer emails, and prepare the next leg. Every night, he’ll sleep in his bivouac in a park. He’s bringing along a camera, and will make a documentary film from the footage. He’ll post updates here.

I walked 25 miles the first day; however, I was forced to call off the event due to record subzero (Fahrenheit) temperatures, which I unfortunately hadn’t prepared for. I hope to take this project up again at some point in the future. As my father doesn’t winter on the Cape anymore, I’ll have to find another reason to walk.

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