Community Theatre

Actor Ongoing

I am an occasional actor in local theatre in Vermont. I moved to Vermont in the fall of 2018, and the first week here I auditioned for a role in the Plainfield Little Theater in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. My lease was until the end of January, and the play was in February, so I extended my lease a month. After the performances, I auditioned and got a role in Macbeth, and extended my lease a few more months. And then Cherry Orchard. And I haven’t left the state yet.

I also acted in some small roles in high school, and in university at Bedlam Theatre, including during the Edinburgh Fringe, although in both places I did significantly more as part of the tech crew, particularly as an audio engineer, before I realized the extent of my congenital hearing loss.




This work is unrelated to my IMBD profile, which was made for my work with the Mulefa Language in His Dark Materials.

Other Projects