Organizer and Podcast Host Ongoing

Sustain is a tech community which holds a space for conversations around open source software sustainability. These conversations focus on funding, maintainer burnout, governance, licensing issues, and so on. The first Sustain Conference was held in 2017 in San Francisco, followed by more in London in 2018 and Brussels in 2020, and satellite events elsewhere. I have helped organize all of the main conferences and some of the satellite events, built the website, wrote much of the 2021 report, and have been on the organizing team for most of its life.

Part of my work is hosting and producing the Sustain podcast, on what it means to sustain open source software development for the long term. We shine the spotlight on people to help their projects to grow and evolve. We also focus on structuring code and organizations to support the efforts of open source contributors. I have hosted over 150 episodes.

I also cohost the Sustain Open Source Design podcast, which focuses on the intersection of design and open source work. We’ve now recorded over fourty episodes.

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